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We are very excited to be heading off to Monaco in a little over a week! Many months of preparation has come together to be presented  27th29th Sep at La Rascasse, in Port Hercules , Monaco !!

We would love if you guys would join us at our seminars! Final times will be updated soon!

Health and wellness hacks to survive a superyacht season

The health and wellness gurus of the superyacht industry Aweigh Fitness and MY Retreat are working together to bring a unique workshop designed to help you thrive and survive. Focusing on hacks that address the most common problems, in the most efficient and practical way, there will be something for everyone in this interactive experience! Topics will include massage techniques for back pain, stretches to combat superyacht living, breathing techniques for relaxation, easing swollen feet as well as techniques to release stress and let go of negativity. Drawing on questions from the participants they will also cover how fuel your day with the right nutrition and even how to prevent varicose veins and spider veins! For those interested in looking after themselves and their fellow crew, these hacks are essential.


Health and Ergonomics

Through applying ergonomics, working onboard can be made more efficient and significantly safer. In an interactive discussion Aweigh Fitness will look at the biggest hazards that crew face daily and how the majority of these hazards can easily be avoided. Attendees will understand how to reduce back strains, improve posture and reduce the effects of being on your feet all day! This understanding helps to improve general body condition but most importantly it keeps crew safer and reduces the likelihood of injuries.

** AND **


Body Fat and Muscle quality assessment .
Exercise guidelines to help achieve YOUR fitness goals while onboard! .
Nutritional advice tailored to you and your goals.
Lifestyle advice to help achieve a healthier mindset!


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