Fit For Corporate Duty

Research has shown that healthy employees create a happier workplace, in turn increasing productivity and profitability, which are every CEO’s two favorite words. Successful companies have caught onto this phenomenon and are taking steps to improve their employee’s health and wellness. Our goal is to partner with you to develop wellness plans that will create healthy employees and a thriving work environment!

Why Your Company Needs A Wellness Program

Having a healthy and fit team will allow for an overall reduction in presenteeism, working while sick. Partnering with Aweigh-Fitness can help save your company from losses in low productivity, inaccuracy, and inefficient behaviors. Our programs can also help to combat risks like high blood pressure and hypertension. Your employees will strive to meet their new healthy living goals at the same time they strive for company goals.

How We Can Improve Your Workplace

The Aweigh-Fitness team is comprised of certified, experienced and motivated members that will assess your company’s current wellness and safety practices. We will work with you to set achievable goals and develop a strategy that is custom to your business! Then, Aweigh-Fitness will send our health coaches and safety experts right to your location. Our team will stay on site for the duration requested and implement the improvement plan.

Our 3 Effective Principles

To achieve optimal performance our nutritionist will work with your food service provider to ensure your employees are eating the right foods at the right time. No galley? NO PROBLEM. A take home diet guideline will be provided to assist your employees in properly planning their meals for the workday.

Our wellness program embraces every aspect of an employee’s day, from lifting a handset to moving heavy boxes. We work to ensure proper lifting techniques (ergonomics) are being used, giving each employee the best tools to work safely.

Aweigh Fitness takes on the task of teaching your employees the importance of safe working practices. We assess workplace hazards and work to mitigate workplace injuries by utilizing our skills, knowledge, and experience throughout your facility. We can help to:

  • Reduce slips, trips, and falls by improving balance and coordination.
  • Demonstrate team-based fitness activities & group exercise programs
  • Institute motivational incentive programs
  • Coordinate special events
Talk to us about how we can save your company money!