Fit For Maritime Duty

Maritime and offshore vocations are known to be some of the most physically demanding and dangerous jobs to hold. From exposure to hazardous chemicals to constant physically strenuous labor, these workers face tough conditions. For this reason companies need robust health and wellness programs that meet the diverse needs of their workers! Aweigh Fitness can help your commercial vessel crew live healthy, nutritious, and physically fit lives so they can be productive, efficient, and safe.

Why Your Vessel Needs A Wellness Partner

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that workers in the Oil & Gas industry have one of the highest illness rates. Some of the more common issues maritime and offshore workers face are heart attacks, artery disease, and diabetes. These ailments can affect your crew’s overall fitness, their ability to perform optimally, and pass their seafarer medical examination. In turn, it can cost your company millions in lost productivity and disability claims. Having a healthy and fit crew will allow your workers to be legally “Fit For Maritime Duty”!

How We Can Improve Your Vessel or Remote Site

We will work with you and your crew to develop a custom health and wellness plan that meets your specific needs. We will perform an onsite analysis of working conditions, assessing  current health, wellness, and safety practices. After an initial assessment our team will work to develop health and wellness programs that will reduce workplace injuries and keep your team healthy. We will also look for ways to reduce job injuries and sickness through preventative care. Our team of highly-trained professionals will stay onsite for the duration you request!

Our 3 Effective Principles

Our nutritionist will work with your catering company to ensure your crew is eating the right foods at the right time to achieve optimal performance. If your remote site is not equipped with a galley, NO PROBLEM! Our nutritionists will put together a diet guideline to help your crew know how to achieve nutritional success.

Aweigh-Fitness knows firsthand the challenges that are faced with keeping up with a crew’s health and wellness while aboard any vessel, platform or shipyard. We work directly with the crew to customize an effective health and wellness plan by combining our knowledge and experience with the facility and equipment at your location.

A ship is only as safe and strong as the crew within. Aweigh-Fitness takes on the task of making your  vessel/remote site a safer workplace! This is achieved by assessing common workplace injuries and applying various ways to mitigate these injuries.

  • Reducing slips, trips and falls by improving balance and coordination.
  • Ensuring proper lifting techniques (ergonomics)
  • Developing team based fitness activities
  • Creating group exercise programs
  • Instituting motivational incentive programs and special events
Talk to us about how we can keep your workers healthy and fit!