We KNOW you are busy!! Here is how to pack protein, veggies and fruits in one Tasty Meal!

Want an easy , fun way to pack in protein , veggies and fruits!?!?

This fun little morning creation is an easy way to get in your fruits and veggies 🙂

I use 1 small tub of the Fage 0% total Greek Yogurt and split it into 3rds. Then get your blender, a handful of spinach, a handful of  blueberries and  a handful of strawberries ready to go!

  • With your bender , blend in a handful of spinach with 1/3 of your Greek yogurt. Pour this into the bottom of your cup or bowl.


  • Blend the handful of blueberries with another 1/3 of your Greek yogurt. Pour this on top of your spinach mixture


  • Blend the handful of strawberries with the final amount of your Greek yogurt. Pour this on top of the blueberry mixture!


  • Top this tastiness with your left over strawberries and blueberries.. and since we LOVE coconut, we added some coconut shavings on top 🙂!


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