Why you should know what an EPIRB is?



An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon or EPIRB is a device used onboard vessels to alert search and rescue services in the event of an emergency.

HOW?!  By transmitting a Ship/Yacht specific coded message on a distress frequency via satellite and earth stations to the nearest rescue coordination center. <- NERD ALERT!

– In a most understandable language, if your vessel is in distress or has sunk and you are now in a life raft the EPIRB is one of your most useful lifesaving devices! Some EPIRBS will automatically free themselves from their holster once the vessel has reached a certain water depth,  others you will need to manually take with you. Once the EPIRB is activated (from simply being in the salt water) a message with your vessel’s details is sent to a satellite, the satellite then sends this information down to a station on Earth, which then sends the signal to a rescue center near you and TA DA .. Rescue teams are on their way!

Some EPIRBs also have built-in GPS which enables the rescue services to accurately locate you to +/- 50 metres.




Why do you need to know?

EPIRBs are generally installed on ships/yachts and can either be operated automatically after an incident or manually. In most countries they are mandated to be used on all commercial ships and are regularly seen on yachts and fishing vessels.

In an emergency situation , EPIRBS are an extremely useful tool to help the rescue team find you and your crew!

We are now in the busiest time of Hurricane Season! Make sure you take the time to ask your Captain where your EPIRB is and have him/her demonstrate the proper use of it. If you ARE a Captain, take the time to teach your crew about the importance of the EPIRB!





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